A: Our products are developed using the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients to provide patients with system-based, results-driven, cosmetically elegant formulations.

A: Fig Skin Care Products are sold exclusively at Valley Skin Institute

We stand behind the quality of every Fig Skin Care Product and will gladly refund your purchase within 30 days under the following conditions:

  1. The product is defective
  2. You have only used the product a few times and are having an allergic reaction

You will need to bring the product back to the office for a refund.

A: Many of our products contain a variety of vitamins, green tea extract, and other natural ingredients, but there are no Figs in our products, that’s simply the name of the skin care line.

A: Fig Skin Care products are created to deliver safe, superior results for numerous conditions and patient skin types.

A: Our FDA registered laboratory and manufacturing facility are located in New York and follow the most rigorous pharmaceutical manufacturing standards to ensure safe and effective formulations.

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